Converting Earth’s Heat to


Geothermal Energy

The Environmental Solution

Geothermal harvests natural heat from the Earth, providing renewable 24/7 baseload energy. As a clean, sustainable energy source, Geothermal is ideal to transition away from fossil fuel electric power generation – and a valuable renewable alternative, as it provides constant baseload energy unlike solar and wind which are intermittent.

GeoGenCo’s closed-loop system

The Cleanest, Most Efficient Form of Geothermal Energy

GeoGenCo USA provides clean, renewable power by harnessing deep geothermal heat with zero emissions and without consuming valuable water resources or processing hazardous brine. In addition, GeoGenCo eliminates the costs and risks of extensive drilling by repurposing existing wells – all with a greatly reduced footprint of space and required resources.
24/7 renewable baseload power
GeoGenCo’s initial series of three geothermal power plants will each generate 20MW of renewable baseload power, providing a total of 60MW of clean and affordable electrical power.
Zero Emissions
GeoGenCo’s Closed-Loop process produces no greenhouse gases, making the GeoGenCo geothermal system one of the safest, most reliable, best-in-class systems in the world.
Zero Water Use
One of the most beneficial aspects of the GeoGenCo Technology is that it uses “Zero Water” in the power generation process as compared to traditional geothermal technologies. This compares to up to 500 million gallons of water per year which may be needed for a comparable size geothermal plant for cooling and brine dilution prior to injection.
With GeoGenCo’s proprietary Induced Brine Convection and Closed-Loop technology, hazardous brine disposal is eliminated because the brine solution never enters the system or reaches the surface, as only the heat is harvested through our process.
Minimal Site Impact
GeoGenCo’s approach allows the reactivation of abandoned/idle wells, eliminating the costs and environmental risks of extensive drilling required by other geothermal energy solutions. There are over 400 abandoned/idle wells in close proximity to GeoGenCo’s current Salton Sea location.
Minimal Site Footprint
GeoGenCo projects use a highly-refined modular design, delivering maximum precision and efficiency – requiring a total of only five acres of land use (about 25% of the footprint required for traditional geothermal power facilities to deliver similar output).
GeoGenCo USA

Delivering Cleaner, Greener, Affordable Power – 24/7